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Last Update: Sep 2021, Next Update: Dec 2021

Scroll down to see the Long-term Indicant Chart

The Long-term Indicant remains non-bearish from a long-term perspective.

Remember, the LTI has generated only five bull/bear signals since 1920. This model is intended for the most passive type of investors. Those who invested in equities in November 1991 on the bull signal remain in fine shape. That is good since they are 29-years older since then.

The Long-term Indicant continues to advise long term investors to continue holding favored blue chip stocks or related funds. This is especially directed to those who bought on the bull signal in November 1991. Make certain you read your email each weekend for updated projections along the mid-term cycle.

Click this sentence to see the more detailed and active Mid-term Indicant Stock Market behavior.

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Click here to see the Long-term Indicant since 1920.


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