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Apr 11, 2008 - VIX - As you can see, VIX moved north today, but still retains configurations suggesting near-term bearish behavior. That should be bullish for the stock market.
Apr 11, 2008 - S&P600 - Falling below red today loses desired bullish support. Force Vectors is committed to bearish movement Vector Pressure remains in bullish domains. If it succumbs quickly to bearish influences, then this will most likely be another short-lived bullish spurt.
Apr 10, 2008 - VIX - This index continues bearish movement toward its well establish bearish limit line. Contact is imminent, which favor bearish stock market behavior. However, there is still room for additional stock market bullishness before contact is made. It is possible for the blue bearish baseline to be violated. If and when that happens, the bear market's momentum will be severely disrupted. Such disruption will invigorate the stock market's bull.

Apr 10, 2008 - S&P600 - As you can see, bearish yellow is about to intersect with a particular tangential line that was constructed through the prior two max yellow points. During solid bear markets, subsequent intersections between that line and bearish yellow coincide with cyclical market peaks. Such an intersection is about to occur. That means another cyclical bear could unfold in the next few days. The variance producing randomness in this prognosis is the red bull status. Although this  configuration is accurate 73% of the time, overall during bear markets, and 89% when price is less than red, it drops to 61% accuracy when price is above red. As you can see, price is barely above red. Do not be surprised at bearish expressions in the next few days. That does not mean the bear will dominate. If Vector Pressure drops below its upper limit, then the bear will dominate.

Apr 9, 2008 - VIX - This displayed some bearish resistance today, but still entrenched in its bearish cycle. If bearish yellow does not fall below green line, expect increasing stock market bearishness.

Apr 9, 2008 - S&P600 - Vector Pressure crossing above upper limit is cause for concern. This coincides with stock market peaks over 70% of the time. However, as long as it retains bullish red status, the bear cannot dominate. Tomorrow will add more insight to sustainability.

April 8, 2008 VIX - You will notice the conclusion of recent bearish cycles occurred near blue tangent line, except the last one. The green tangent line represented increased stock market bearishness. In other words, the depth of its bearish cycle was shallower and thus increasingly supporting stock market bearishness. The current cycle continues showing little respect for tht last cycle, which suggests bearish stock market pressure is being relaxed.


April 8, 2008 S&P600 - Red bulls and positive Vector Pressure prevent domination by the bear. Although, moving sideways, the S&P600 still has those two powerfully bullish attributes. A drop in price below bullish red, though, would not be surprising in the next few days. However, as long as Vector Pressure remains positive, the bull continues to prevail. Vector Pressure is the orange line on the bottom portion of the chart.


April 7, 2008 - VIX- This index is nearing completion of bearish cycle. It appears headed for lower yellow minimum tangent lines (light blue). Although this is bullish for the stock market, do not be surprised at increased volatility when it begins interacting with or approaching the light blue line on the chart. If it uses the light blue line as a bouncing point, do not be surprised at bearish stock market behavior with the VIX's bullishness.

April 7, 2008 - S&P600. You will notice Vector Pressure (orange curve on the lower portion of the chart) is approaching the upper limit line. The last time the S&P600 crossed above the upper limit line, the bear reacted violently to that event. Do not be surprised at bearish pressure within a few days, but too early to determine if the bear market will regain dominance.


April 6, 2008 - QQQQ 1999-2003 There were four periods from late 2000 through 2002 where positive Vector Pressure occurred during yellow bear conditions. Each period was followed by bearish behavior. This phenomenon extinguished once bearish yellow conditions expired. Please scroll down to the next chart. Click here to see current status.
April 6, 2008 - QQQQ-2002-April 3, 2008 - On Wednesday, April 2, 2008, Vector Pressure became positive for the first time in 2008 under yellow bear conditions. This does not mean the market will become bearish on the immediate horizon. However, if this period of positive Vector Pressure is short-lived, the probability of extending the bear will be significantly increased. This will be tracked on the daily stock market report.


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