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Indicant Weekly Report Card

Last Updated: Sunday January 15, 2023 Next Update Next Weekend

Scroll down to see two report cards. The first one reports Indicant performance for stocks and funds. The second one reports Indicant performance for major indices and Exchange Traded Funds. These two report cards are updated every weekend.

If you observe the tables from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, please pay close attention to the date on the top of this page. The data is updated over the weekend and may not be completely updated when you look at it. All updates, emails, etc. are always completed by Sunday evenings. The Quick-term and Short-term Indicant for Exchange Traded Funds are updated daily and corresponding emails are sent daily.

Stocks and Mutual Funds-Mid Term Indicant

Activities/Status  NASDAQ100 Stocks Dow Jones Stocks Dow Jones Utilities Indicant Selected Stocks Mutual Funds Total All Stocks and Funds
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Click Report Card History->> NAS100 History Dow 30 History Dow Utility History Indicant Select History Mutual Fund History  
Number of Stocks & Funds Tracked by Indicant--> 100 Stocks+ 30 Stocks 15 Stocks 99 Stocks- 100 Funds Total Stocks/Funds
Buy Signals This Week 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hold Signals 47 19 11 37 9 123
Avg Weeks Since Buy Signals 317 142 94 345 307 241
Performance Since Buy Signals 1522.6% 178.3% 67.7% 301.7% 63.3% 426.7%
Annualized Performance 249.9% 65.3% 37.5% 45.5% 10.7% 92.1%
Sell Signals This Week 0 0 0 0 0 0
Avoid Signals 65 10 4 30 83 192
Average Weeks Since Sell Signals 64 68 79 143 59 83
Performance Since Sell Signals -2.7% -17.2% -21.0% -24.1% -3.4% -13.7%

Click here to see historical performance comparisons

       From time to time, some stocks are discontinued on the various exchanges due to mergers, bankruptcy, penalties, etc.. When that happens, the avoid or hold signals are changed to NLT, which means "no longer traded." Until those stocks are replaced with new companies, the combined count of buy, hold, sell, and avoid signals may not total the number of stocks tracked. These changes do not impact the report card performance levels. Historical reports reflect what was signaled at that time and not adjusted based on new stocks being tracked. Also, a sell and buy signal are immediately triggered when a new fund or stock is added, regardless of what the model suggest. This keeps the report card pure to actual signaling, as opposed to historical modeling.

***Click here to see abandoned stocks and funds.***


Major Indices and Exchange Traded Funds

Short-term*, Mid-term, and Long-term Indicant

Click links at the top of the columns to see status and charts.


Activities/Status/Members-->> Near-term Indicant Quick-term Indicant Near-term Indicant Quick-term Indicant Mid-term Indicant- Long-term Indicant
Free Tours/Non-members ETF's ETF's Major Indices Major Indices Tour 1900-Current Tour Since 1920
  32-ETF's 32-ETF's 12-Indices 12-Indices 10-Indices 1-Index
Total Indices/ETF'sTracked
New Bull/Buy Market/ETF Signals 0 0 0 0 10 0
Existing Indicant Bulls/Hold Signals 6 5 1 1 0 0
Average Weeks Since Indicant Bull/Buy Market/ETF Signals 5.7 5.4 2.0 2.0 #DIV/0! 1628
Average Performance Since Indicant Bull/Buy Market/ETF Signals 0.9% 3.2% -4.2% -4.2% #DIV/0! 1085.0%
Annualized Performance Since Indicant Bull/Buy Signals 8.0% 31.2% -4.2% -4.2% #DIV/0! 34.7%
New Bear/Sell Market/ETF Signals 0 0 1 1 0 0
Existing Indicant Bears/Avoids 26 27 10 10 0 0
Average Weeks Since Indicant Bear/Sell Market/ETF Signals 5.5 5.6 3.0 3.0 #DIV/0! N/A
Average Performance Since Indicant Bear/Sell Market/ETF Signals -3.0% -3.6% -2.5% -2.5% #DIV/0! N/A


*The Short-term Indicant includes near-term and quick-term signaling and analyses

Click here to see historical performance metrics.

Contrarian ETF#31, QID, is tracked and included from the above performance statistics. It is listed on each of the tables that can be accessed by clicking any of the links at the top of the above table. There are other similar contrarian securities tracked and included in the above report card.


The Quick-term Indicant and Near-term Indicant are updated, daily, for Exchange Traded Funds and major market indices. Members receive email reports nearly every evening about the Near-term and Quick-term Indicant. The above table is updated every weekend. Exchange Traded Funds Tables are updated daily.


The Mid-term Indicant, using weekly data, is updated after the market's close each Friday. The Long-term Indicant is updated monthly upon the availability of economic data. Please always note the date on each of the pages as they are being updated from Friday PM through Saturday.


All material contained in this Web site is copyright protected. Any redistribution of any information in this Web site is expressly prohibited unless written authorization is granted by the publisher of Indicant.Net.

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