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Long-term Indicant 1990-2000

The 1990's yielded unprecedented growth in the stock markets. The NASDAQ grew at a faster rate than the Dow. The companies making up the NASDAQ averages have more entrepreneurial content. Great companies, such as Dell Computer, Microsoft, Intel, etc. developed technological advances that facilitated more practical advances. This led to unprecedented productivity growth, which is the most basic underlying principle in economic growth. Manufacturing companies were employing "lean" practices. The better automobile companies abroad began expansion in the U.S.

Lean manufacturing and processing methods were imported from Japan. The great Shigeo Shingo educated many manufacturers around the world, including the U.S. to build products faster, while also making them better.

Political advances were made as well. Television developed educational shows, such as 60 Minutes and Date Line. These shows exposed more and more stupidity of politicians and other con artists. But that was not enough. Talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Davis reached many more millions of people every day and further eroded the "importance" of politicians and other "get up at noon" folks. Then came the internet, where more competitive honesty was imposed on conventional media. Without the internet and other technological advances, Bill Clinton would not be living his life in continuing embarrassment.

But the biggest event that occurred in the 1990's was the growing number of free people in the world. The iron curtain's fall was finally kicking in and businesses around the world flourished. The internet was born and value producing people around the world could communicate directly with their counterparts and without having to be processed through political protocol.

The LT Indicant was a little slow in detecting the variable of "world freedom." It signaled "buy" in November 1991. Also, the incoming republican house and senate with a democratic president stalemated government for the first time in over fifty years. This was favorable for capitalism and the stock market. Un-cooperative branches of government are always favorable for the stock market. 

Imagine the people of China becoming "free." Imagine the elimination of corruption in all governments around the world, including Mexico, Russia, India, etc. If all people in the world were free, it would not take much time for the Dow and NASDAQ to achieve the 100,000 plateau. The LT Indicant model has been adjusted for this burgeoning variable.

But the political elite will do things that interrupt this upward flow of prosperity around the world. They need to continue to delay this process so they and their offspring will not be subjected to competitive elements. However, in the long-run, honest, hard-working people will prevail and wealth can be enjoyed by all.

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