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The Long-term Indicant Buy and Sell History over Eighty Years

Please read the following. The tour should take no more than eight to ten minutes. Keep in mind this is a model for those of you who are long term oriented. Also, please recognize that a 40 year old investor in 1929 was nearly 70 years old before he or she was back to break even. But if the Indicant were available to that investor, they would have sold their positions before the ensuing 30 year bear market.

To help you understand the charts on the tour, please note the following:

1. The meaning of the lines on the charts are recorded on the top of each chart.

2. LT means Long Term. 

3. The market is bullish when the LT Indicant curve falls below the LT Trip Line.

4. The market is bearish when the LT Indicant curve moves above the LT Trip Line.

5. The LT Indicant will not always signal bull or bear from rules number 3 and 4 above. If the market is above the Lag Curve when the LT Indicant suggests the market is going to become bearish, it is recommended to remain in the market until such time the market falls below the lag curve.

6. If the market is below the Lag Curve when the LT Indicant suggests the market is going to become bullish, it is recommended to remain out of the market until such time the market crosses above the Lag Curve.

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Long-Term Indicant Tour for Blue Chips

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1920-1930

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1930-1940

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1940-1950

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1950-1960

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1960-1970

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1970-1980

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1980-1990

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1990-2000

The Dow Jones for Eighty Years


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