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How You Can Benefit from Indicant's Sector Signaling

The light blue line on the following charts is the S&P500 Index value from late 1998 through September 2001. As you can see the S&P500 Index declined more than 50% from it's 1999 peak. The white line on the below charts is the price of the mutual funds that increased in value while the stock market was crashing. The yellow arrows pointing down are the Indicant's Mid-term sell signal and the red arrows pointing up are the Indicant's Mid-term buy signal. The red and yellow lines are mathematically computed. They are the "buy" and "sell" trigger points. After being a member for a period of time, you will become accustomed to reading the charts. Remember, Indicant.Net will send you emails advising of when to buy and when to sell.


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